“When things don’t go to plan, it’s easy to
say “it’s because I’m not tall enough.
Because I’m not strong enough”.

We’ve been gauged against people’s ideals, and we started to chase after the things
people thought we lacked.
This became our “competition”.

However, fighting to become one’s idea of
perfection, is not our “true competition”.

In 2020, “We will walk our own path”

At #Tokyo2020,
Each player will surpass their own
limitations, come together as a team, and
will show the world Japan’s style of
Volleyball, a style where we never give up
on picking up the ball and linking up play.

The limitations that need to be surpassed,
can be found within ourselves.


Hinotori Nippon

The Iconic Hinotori Nippon

Japan, Volleyball Team