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How to build a skin brightening routine for radiant and glowing skin

To remove dullness and brighten dark spots on your skin, you’ll first need to know how to protect your skin. Then, adopt a skin brightening regime and you’ll regain beautiful and radiant skin, naturally.

Yumi Narasaki

Renowned Beauty Writer

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Haruka Ayase

“My skin is prone to dryness so I address this by using generous amounts of skin lotion during my daily skincare routine. After applying skin lotion, my skin feels fresher and more comfortable. I’ve kept to this routine as it’s visible that my skin is more stable now, and it is clearer than before. I take special uv care by applying UV protection so that my skin does not get tanned, and I also make the effort to stay away from the sun and protect myself against damages from UV rays. If I happen to be in the sun, I will not only apply my moisturiser, but also my brightening care product immediately! I’m an advocate of brightening products – I use my brightening serum frequently and brightening face mask regularly – as I can see how including it in my skincare regime has helped to rejuvenate my skin and give it a glow.”
At night, I enjoy a hot soak in the bathtub to warm my body. It not only relieves me of the stresses of the day, but also refreshes my mind. It is like a relaxing form of therapy and one that I would recommend to everyone.

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