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Skin care steps for your skin type

Basic skincare steps for different skin types.
Knowing your skin type is the first step to taking care of your skin.

Yumi Narasaki

Renowned Beauty Writer

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Naomi Watanabe

“I believe my skin type is dry, therefore I place special emphasis on moisturisation care. My makeup tends to smudge easily whenever I perspire so I apply lighter skincare in the mornings. My favorite morning and night skincare routine is a two-step approach: first, apply skin lotion, followed by a small amount of serum-type lotion. I also make it a point to apply moisturising skincare immediately whenever I feel any dryness instead of leaving it till later, hence my moisturising routine is light and frequent.”
“If I feel that my skin condition is not at its best, or it’s starting to feel rough, I will apply more skin lotion. This method also helps in hiding blemishes that makeup does not cover adequately.”

Kasumi Arimura

“I have combination skin and that’s why I apply skin lotion a few times, in a hand pressing motion. After applying the skin lotion, I use the same pressing method to gently apply serum and/or milk lotion. This is my daily skincare routine. I appreciate the light texture of the serum lotion and like how it keeps my skin feeling smooth and well-moisturised.”
“I perspire easily during summer so sebum secretion increases. In order to minimise the amount of sebum, I adopt proper nutritional and dieting habits to ensure a balanced diet. In the drier winter season, I drink lots of water and apply serum oil as an additional step in my daily and nightly skincare routine. Furthermore, I always carry skin lotion with me so that I can moisturise whenever my skin feels dry or dehydrated.”

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